International Business Empowerment Consultants, Inc. is a consulting organization dedicated to identifying and implementing improvement strategies for customer acquisition, retention and ascension, increasing cash flow to your business both immediately and long term and fueling the passion levels each member carries for your organization.

Drawing from over 25 years experience in consultative sales, in a variety of business settings (corporate, small business, non-profit, retail and entrepreneurial), industries and sizes, IBEC, Inc. provides your business with the foundation, resources and abilities to continually exemplify market leadership in any economy.

Strategies for Improving Your Business

IBEC Specializes In:

Improving the performance of all organization members and the internal structures and systems in which they operate

Fueling individual and enterprise leadership for maximum value contribution of the organization to all its dependents

Managing the systematic change & conflict inherent in benchmarking, continuing performance improvement and ongoing accountability

Ensuring maximum customer experience, retention and ascension

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"Harmony Tenney has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with even the most seasoned executives. Her perspective is unique and combines both literacy and application in a variety of disciplines: sales, marketing, management and conflict resolution. Every time we exchange ideas, I learn something new and worthwhile.”

Dr. Nido Qubein

Consultant & Businessman

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