Who is Harmony Tenney?

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Harmony Tenney is President of International Business Empowerment Consultants, Inc. She has been involved in sales and service of intangibles for more than two decades. She provides custom branding initiatives, profitability capture and facilitated change (including Organizational Development) for organizations of all sizes across all industries.

Earlier in her career, she received top state and regional recognition for success in retail sales (#1 ranking in 7 states, % above quota) and retail store management (#4 in 7 states for stores of her size) by GTE Wireless, a global telecommunications company. Working in the corporate setting provided vital experience in the corporate setting, excellent training and opportunities for leadership. Two main projects secured her future:

  1. 1.GTE Wireless Mobile Van Team: approx. 24 persons from 6 different departments and every level (with Ms. Tenney being lowest on the totem pole – a retail sales rep) came together to decide if the Mobile Van Service Team should be disbanded. No other GTE Wireless in the nation had one, and it was costing the company to run it. There was a four month time limit, and only four meetings to come to a decision. I facilitated the entire group, took ownership of the project, and provided the calculations for pricing structures and profitability models for the group to decide on. The outcome was that the Mobile Van Team was shown to be invaluable and given a pricing structure that made it profitable, while meeting all the needs of each group’s vested interests. As a result, GTE Wireless Virginia saved over a million dollars.

  2. 2.Upon becoming a Retail Manager, she documented the path and skills required for a retail rep to train for and become a retail manager - breaking down the tasks of retail manager into specific areas and then expanding them into a program where the necessary management skills would be taught in specific modules over a set period of time.

Ms. Tenney is a contributing writer to local, regional and national periodicals, including Radio Ink, Main Street News, Model Retailer, business journals, non-profit newsletters and newspapers. Her articles focus on topics pertinent to the business community and its leaders.

She has spoken at various institutions of higher learning, including Averett University (panel Discussion For Graduating Seniors), Bridgewater College (Sales as a Profession of Passion) and Piedmont Virginia Community College (Local Marketing for Non Profits). She is also a professional speaker, focusing mainly on topics related to sales, performance and industry leadership.

Ms. Tenney has been active in the non-profit sector, serving on many boards. Pro bono work for non-profits included marketing, planning, fundraising, event organization and special projects research. Current pro bono work includes Learning "Opportunity" Through Sports (founded by Hall of Fame Globetrotters Jerry Venable) and Camp Holiday Trails. Ms. Tenney was the 2005—2006 President of the Waynesboro / East Augusta Rotary Club, and served on their District Membership Committee. She is Past-President of a Staunton Business Networking Intl. Chapter and is a Certified Virginia Mediator (commercial focus).

Ms. Tenney is a member of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (Charter Member), the Institute for Management Consultants, The Information Marketing Association and The Association for Conflict Resolution (Commercial Section). Ms. Tenney is in Nido Qubein’s iQ Inner Circle Group, a Gold Plus Member in Dan Kennedy’s Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle, a graduate of Roy Williams’ Wizard Academy, and a former mentee of Alan Weiss.

She is author of Earn Six Figures Selling Local Direct Radio (an audio book, 2006), and is a contributing author to four business books: Uncensored Sales Strategies (Sydney Biddle Barrows, 2008), Exercising Your Imagination (Steve Rae, 2003), Life Balance (Alan Weiss, 2003) and Accidental Magic (Roy Williams, 2001). Two other planned books are on the topics of Change (Breaking Past Entropy) and Leadership (The Leadership Stance).

Ms. Tenney was voted "Most Likely to Appear on the Cover of Business Week" by both her undergraduate and graduate classmates. She received her MBA from Averett University. Her consulting focus is "Capturing Maximum Profitability Across Internal and External Markets.”