Coaching is a process that helps persons reach their goals through deliberate strides in their direction. Focused interactions during set time periods bring objectives within reach, and bring a rhythm of achievement and ongoing improvement to professional development.

IBEC, Inc. provides coaching to sales personnel and their managers for periods of three months to a year, with options to renew 30 days prior to the end date. Coaching services are customized for each individual.

Reach Your Professional Goals!

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The situation

TechCrunch is a high-profile Web 2.0 / Tech blog that has become a primary source for information in their space. Like many of our clients, Techcrunch was growing at a rapid pace but wasn’t optimized for search engines. We wanted to get them sustainable search traffic and rankings for all of the relevant content that they had to ensure long-term search traffic increases.

How we thought about it

Sites like TechCrunch have plenty of content, which lends itself to ranking across a broad set of keywords. While the traffic TechCrunch received was already extremely high when they came to us, optimizing the site properly for search engines would ensure that TechCrunch was getting the keyword ranking for search terms that it deserves. This would create another channel to grab readers and attracts even more followers to the site.


Our efforts generated long-term sustainable traffic from search engines and another way to introduce people to the TechCrunch blog.