Harmony Tenney, MBA is a powerful speaker - engaging her audiences right where they are and delivering them to a new perspective. Her relevant stories and examples bring your point home and build bridges to long-term, transformational motion.

Harmony has been recognized as one of our nation's best in two different industries (wireless telecomm and radio advertising). A college professor helped shape her future when he shared this insight: "There's always room at the top." She brings a vast wealth of experience and well-founded ideas to bear in business and organizational development, endeavoring to bring to the world an increased competence and stronger sense of community through her "most unusual" perspective.

Both her undergrad and graduate classmates voted her "Most Likely To Appear on the Cover of Business Week."

Share in the rich tapestry of business acumen - retail, small business, non-profit and corporate, and wield the sword of targeted resolution.

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Delivering a New Perspective to Your Audiences

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Speaking Topics:

  1. Bullet Consulting is Great

  2. Bullet Coaching is Great

  3. Bullet Speaking is Great

  4. Bullet Articles are Great

  5. Bullet Tools are Great

  6. Bullet Resources are Great

  Fee Schedule:

  1. Bullet Keynote $5,000

  2. Bullet 1/2 Day $8,000

  3. Bullet Full Day $12,000

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